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Motherduck, Data42, CDPs, Iceberg, Data Engineering projects

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MotherDuck, the company behind DuckDB, secured an investment from a16z! DuckDB is a fast in-memory database. Oh, and it is also open source.


Motherduck is a new cloud data lake platform that aims to make storing and analyzing data more accessible and cheaper. It is based on the open-source DuckDB database for fast in-memory data processing. This article combines dagster and the cloud Motherduck into one!

This article discusses the author's lessons from leading data42, a Novartis data platform.

Tools & Guides

A customer data platform (CDP) is a new way of organizing data that allows different teams to access and use data in a way that is tailored to their specific needs. They are used a lot by marketing and customer close business functions. Composable CDPs are a new and modular way of implementing them.

This article is a candidate for my Data Engineering Reading Guide for next year!

This video is all about Iceberg, the open table format, and it’s full of show-and-tell examples inside Jupyter.

This article lists seven data engineering projects you can put on your resume to show potential employers your skills. They are all across the field, involving data lakes, warehouses, and pipelines.

This article lists some technical questions you might ask in a data engineer interview. The questions cover topics such as data modeling, data warehousing, and data processing.

This article discusses vector databases. Vector databases are well-suited for applications such as machine learning and real-time analytics. So they may become relevant to data engineering as well, although they are mostly considered inside the machine learning world.

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