Finish Slime #11

SQLMesh, Hoptimator, ARIMA, Kestra, FDE, synthetic data & MongoDB

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SQLMesh is the new kid in the town of data transformation tools. In this episode of the Data Engineering Podcast, Toby Mao introduces us all to SQLMesh and its vision for data transformation work.

DEP & Toby Mao | 06-25-2023

Speaking of SQLMesh… we got a guide for that!

This new framework is an SQL-based control pane for complex pipelines. It operates on top of Flink but may also incorporate other connectors.

LinkedIn |

Tutorials & Show Cases

ARIMA is the default time-series forecasting technique. This article provides a set of tips to implement such models within Python.

CapitalOne | 06-08-2023

Kestra is another hot data orchestrator. This tutorial shows you how to set up a complete ingestion stack with dbt Airbyte on top of Kestra.

Anna Geller | 06-28-2023


Synthetic data is a hot trend in data engineering and machine learning. And yet, all it is really is fake data. This article is part of a longer series, of which we recommend all parts! Also, read this and this.

Cassie Kozyrkov | 07-01-2023

This book is one of the major books I recommend in my data engineering reading guide, and this article is a good sneak peek into the book.

Khairina | 05-14-2023

MongoDB is the document store. It enables you to use MSQL to query through documents and is widely spread. Yet, at some point in time, it won’t be enough for your analytics workloads.

SDG | 07-02-2023

…Speaking of the Seattle Data Guy… We created a list of our top data newsletters (we read dozens to produce ours!), and the SDG is on it!

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