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Snowflake launched a bunch of features, including dynamic tables. They look like views and kind of don’t. They recompute as needed, allowing you to select a freshness to base the recomputing schedule.

Christianlauer | June 28, 2023

Tutorials & Show Cases

Dbt has exactly one superpower, allowing you to write basic things in SQL and more advanced functions in Jinja. This article introduces you to the basics of it all.

Madison Schott | Feb 15, 2023

Alternative data is data collected in surprising ways. E-commerce firms are picking up on both alternative and external data. Here are a few ways they do so.

Julius Cerniauskas | May 30, 2023

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Using centralized data platforms like Databricks can be costly. Coinbase has a unique approach to cost management you can learn from, including launching a cost insights platform.

Mingshi Wang, Ben Xu | May 24, 2023


11 Advanced best practices for working with data ingestion pipelines: We can draw inspiration from software engineers, but not everything works. This guide reveals many excellent data ingestion practices that make data ingestion work faster and more robust.

Staying relevant is a hard job! Ways to stay relevant include: 1. Working side projects, 2—online certifications, 3. Collaborate with start-ups and more!

Rashi Desai | May 5, 2023

Interested in the numbers of data to product engineers inside scaleups? Mikkel ran an interesting analysis for us all.

Mikkel Dengsøe | April 13, 2023

Chaim laid out the historical development of the ETL landscape in broad terms. An insightful read!

Chaim Turkel | June 25, 2023

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