Finish Slime #15

Data Mesh, Analytics Engineering, Data as a Product, OLTP vs OLAP, dbt, and data modeling.

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This article answers seven general questions about the data mesh. Is it for everyone? What’s the difference between a data fabric and a mesh? What problem does it solve?

CIO Bulletin | 19 May 2023

The author explains how they built their data warehouse for small amounts of data to have something easy to use and maintain.

Herman Seah | 18 May 2023

This is a lovely analytics engineering collection of resources on SQL basics, data modeling, dbt, the cloud, python, and basic data engineering.

Luis Oliveira | 28 Apr 2023

Oda treats datasets, dashboards, and machine learning models as products. This article dives into how they apply these ideas, in particular to dashboards and datasets, think about different types of SLAs, and the like.

Xavier Gumara Rigol | 1 Mar 2023

OLTP and OLAP are two core ideas of data and two core mentalities used in data warehouses. Access patterns, size, data models, and performance needs for these two models are vastly different.

Mark Freeman | 23 June 2023

The four things: dbt is just SQL; you can write advanced “functions” without Python with dbt; dbt integrates into almost anything; The dbt courses by DbtLabs are excellent!

Madison Schott | 9 Mar 2022

Cost, complexity, expertise, time to value, and competitive advantages are the five criteria for evaluating new data stack additions.

Nishith Agarwal | July 10, 2023

Max explains at length what entity-centric data modeling is about, compares it to older approaches, and discusses his journey through the data world. Excellent, in-depth episode.

Data Engineering Podcast | 9 July 2023

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