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Finish Slime - #16

A data load tool to load data into unexpected places. Integrates well with dbt and or SQLMesh and is built for Pythonistas. Watch the video on the main page to get a good impression of the tool.

You can do some great stuff with the generate_series function regarding time-series analysis on top of PostgreSQL.

Alex Plescan | 15 Jul 2023

Piethein is the author of data management at scale, a pioneer of the data mesh, and well-versed in the data fabric. In this article, he summarizes his approach to scaling data.

Piethein Strengholt | 11 Jul 2023

Data activation is a strange word thrown around since 2016; Arpit does a great job of explaining what it is and how it has changed over time.

Arpit Choudhury | 20 Jul 2023

Richa has an excellent grasp of the nuances of the life of the data product manager. She explains how you’re primarily a B2B2C PM, how data complexity is always challenging, and how the traditional product cycle is difficult to use in data.

Richa Verma | 20 Jul 2023

LinkedIn has been running a data lakehouse on top of Iceberg for some time. In this article, the team describes OpenHouse, their unified control plane for the lakehouse they are thinking about open-sourcing (but haven’t yet!).

LinkedIn | 19 Jul 2023

Flowman is a declarative ETL framework helping you to build data applications on top of Apache Spark. A simple introductory example on GitHub also explains the basics of how Flowman works.

Kaya Kupferschmidt | 2 Jun 2023

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