Finish Slime - #18

Iceberg, Data Quality, dbt, databricks, Kestra, People Analytics

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New stuff

Kestra is a new orchestrator taking on Apache Airflow. In this article, Dario provides a fundamental hands-on introduction starting with pulling the docker-compose file into the creation of the first YAML-based flow, over to Python flows, and more.

Dario Radečić | Jun 24 2023

speaking of orchestrators…

People Analytics is about having numbers taken from the HR department to improve the processes inside a company.

Rashi Desai | Jul 7 2023

The team behind Razorpay walks through their process of reducing the data platform cost by a significant amount. Their platform is built with Looker and Kafka on top of AWS S3.

Aakash Mandlik | Jun 21 2023

You don’t yet know how databricks works? It’s hard to know from the outside. This is a nice and simple introduction to the basics of parts of this vast platform from the perspective of data pipelines.

Hugo Lu | Jul 17 2023

Taylor provides an excellent framework on how to design new dbt models through a discovery phase, mapping out the final table, prototyping, and only then deploying anything.

Taylor Brownlow | Jul 10 2023

Data quality apparently sucks across the board for many companies, and it is deteriorating.

Michael Segner | Jul 24 2023

Table formats are one of the significant advances in the last couple of years, with Apache Iceberg being the pioneer. This article discusses how a table format fits into today's data architectures.

Ryan Blue | Jul 6 2023

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