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dbt, data contracts, SQLMesh, Synth data and more

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Great Recent Stuff

This is a great list of many testing options within dbt as well as with a bunch of packages like dbt-elementary and dbt-expectations.

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Dbt isn’t the only player in town anymore. SQLMesh is basically a dbt for data engineers and SDF, the semantic data fabric, is a more enterprise-level SQL development tool still in beta.

Synthetic or fake data is excellent for testing your data warehouses. The synthetic data vault is one of the big free open source tools to produce synthetic data.

Another tool coming up in this space is called NullSim, and the demo looks promising but is still in waitlist mode.

Instacart runs a massive dbt implementation on Airflow. They now have over 3000 dbt models in production, making the lives of everyone at the company easier.

Data PMs often come into the job on a variety of different paths. In this edition of the Data PM Gazette, Richa describes her path and lessons learned.

Data contracts are becoming a thing, and more implementations can be found in the wild. This article is a great primer. For a more technical perspective, take a look at the article the company Atlan provides.

In this article, Zack shares what drove the team at Whatnot to implement a version of data contracts to deal with a flood of messy data.

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