Finish Slime #20

Apache Doris, 17 Things I'd done earlier, Data Mesh, Moore's Law, Python in Excel

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Great Recent Stuff

The real-time MPP database Apache Doris announced its production-ready release. Also, Airflow 2.7 Is Now Out with new features such as setup and teardown tasks.

There’s so much to learn as a data engineer and so many practices to pick up as a data team. This list is a personal account of things data engineers and teams can and should pick up early.

This YouTube playlist covers the Data Mesh Days from this year. The topic was Data Mesh for Life Sciences. It’s a short list of 5 talks, each 30 mins max.

Data engineers are developers, too! This response to a report by McKinsey should interest any developer.

If you know what web scraping is, don’t read this. This is an excellent high-level introduction without practical implementations if you don't. And yes, web scraping is a regular data engineering skill.

This is a great reminder that Moore’s Law is still going strong. Moore’s law paves the way for the future of the data engineer.

Every more technical analyst is probably now celebrating. Python support in Excel is huge for analysts and data engineers. Sometimes, the best dashboard is an Excel file.

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