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DbtLabs Visions, Data Activation, Anomaly Detection, Dbt on Airflow

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Great Recent Stuff

Tristan Handy, founder and CEO of DbtLabs shares his vision for the data space in what he describes as a consolidation phase.

This is the last part in a multi-part series on data activation. It’s all about why you’re doing data activation in the first place, including a bunch of use cases for it.

This article makes the case that most companies do not need fancy, expensive data solutions and would be better off working on boring stuff like data modeling.

Anomaly detection is one way of increasing your data quality. This article provides a bunch of examples. While it uses the data monitoring tool Synq, you can implement these tests with any data monitoring tool.

“Most data pieces come with as much documentation as your sink of dirty dishes” - that quote describes this short piece well. Also, read the two linked articles from Cassey on data provenance and how to work with someone elses data. They pair well with this one.

Dataherald is a project enabling you to query SQL-based data warehouses with natural language.

We added this story right to the dbt reading guide. It’s a complete intro to running dbt inside Airflow. One of many options (others are prefect or GitHub Actions).

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