Finish Slime #24

Shit flows downhill, getting unstuck, dbt cheatsheets

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Great Recent Stuff

Sooner or later, people get stuck. Horizontal skilling, changing companies, and learning business can all be ways to advance.

Analytics isn’t something a single team does. It needs adoption across the company, and this post is about just that.

Everyone should know these basic tips when doing their first dbt projects.

The dbt docs are sometimes hard to dig through, so cheatsheets are a useful invention. These two are particularly helpful, created by a dbt power user.

Yes, analytics engineering is about bridging the gap between engineering and analytics, but is it the only way?

“Shit flows downhill,” data teams need to do something about it, that is, to start playing offense. It’s a short 5 minute podcast.

This is a lovely, in-depth explanation of alternative visualizations to box plots. It’s the piece you should’ve read in case you ever need it.

Exclusive Gifts 🎁

We’ve got a new exclusive gift for you! The dbt reading guide, busting myths and helping you get up to speed quickly! With 20 resources in one doc.

And of course this exclusive gift! Data Engineering Reading Guide - the best books, articles & resources you must read!

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