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Data Contracts over Data Contracts

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Great Recent Stuff

To do dbt right, you need to shed the myths still flying around. Dbt isn’t easy to learn anymore, but if you get the hang of it, it’s a potent tool.

Databases keep evolving; in this episode of the analytics engineering podcast, Andy Pavlo shares his thoughts on the whole space.

Postgres has so many layers that they do need explaining. This post shares the best of the best of what you need to know about Postgres.

It’s hard to know a data contract without seeing it firsthand. Paypal shares the template that’s in use at their company.

Getting to the real business question is the most crucial skill for internal data teams, and it’s not easy to get through.

Fundamentals of Data Engineering is the book data engineers should read to get started; it’s broad and comprehensive. This article provides an excellent overview of its contents.

This article pairs well with the data contract template from PayPal. Yes, it is a little salesy here and there, but it still makes a good intro to data contracts.

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And of course this exclusive gift! Data Engineering Reading Guide - the best books, articles & resources you must read!

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