Finish Slime #27

Kestra raises $3m! Factory Patterns, Simple but Powerful Data Tools

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Great Recent Stuff

Congrats to the Kestra team! Kestra is an interesting new open-source data orchestrator, and it just got some gunpowder to take it to the next level.

Wouldn’t we all want some simple hacks to get more speed for less out of our database? Here you go!

Yes, every data person should know how to program Python, and yes, everyone should know a few advanced patterns like the factory pattern.

You don’t need extensive tools for data flows; there are many simple ones everyone should know.

This is the question every analyst hates and tumbles over if not dealt with with a coherent framework, so tell me, why did the KPI change?

We’re fans of examples. This article contains a dozen of data architectures in action.

We all need to do AB tests; this is the definitive guide for any data person.

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And of course this exclusive gift! Data Engineering Reading Guide - the best books, articles & resources you must read!

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