Finish Slime #30

Data engineering patterns, PyTimeTK and Data Meshes

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Great Recent Stuff

Simon, ex-Airbyte, with a decade of experience in the data space, just started writing a book about data engineering patterns and is looking for feedback and will publish the book for free. 

Apache Iceberg has been around for quite some time, becoming a major player in the table format space. Tabular, a company pushing the boundaries of this project, recently raised another round of funding to continue its independent data platform. Congrats!

Time series analysis is painful, no matter how you do it. But PyTimeTK aims to make it simpler; give it a try.

Scott and Zhamak, two prominent figures in the data mesh space, discuss the messy details of what happens before implementing a data mesh.

Popsink is a combination of orchestrator and ETL/ELT tool specialized in operationalizing data, whatever that means. GA means you can now go and check it out for yourself.

No one is yet close to solving the data integration problem. Anna takes us through the current approaches out there that work on this hard problem. (As I do work for Arch - the company behind Meltano, I do have a vested interest here)

BlaBlaCar transitioned into a data mesh some time ago; in this article, Souhaib shares his experience in managing the data platform inside this mesh.

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