Finish Slime #35

Polars, Bad Graphs, Unstructured Data

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Great Recent Stuff

Sometimes, the best decision is to avoid getting into something. That’s also true for a bunch of data projects; you should think of every single one just as you do of any investment decision.

This is just super fun to read! So dear friend, please don’t make a bad graph.

Handling and getting information out of unstructured data is always a hassle - be sure to skim through the Airbnb approach.

This is a rare retrospective; the DEW newsletter only does this once a year. The author is in the perfect situation to do so!

You don’t need complex orchestrators to manage data pipelines. A lot of the time, cron is enough, and here’s how you use cron at scale.

Spark has held a deep grip on the delta lake for almost a decade; maybe Polars can start to free that grip.

This is food for thought - Benoit makes a good point on the shortcomings of SQL and the rise of new semantic languages like Malloy.

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