Finish Slime #37

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Great Recent Stuff

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? This is a curated list of data science, engineering, and analytics internships, all across the globe.

EDAs are one of the major architectures for distributed software systems nowadays. Understanding them is key to designing good data systems next to them.

Soda just released an open-source data contract engine letting you define data contracts in plain YAML. Check it out; the examples look interesting.

Whatnot is apparently on top of dbt, managing a huge assembly of models that keeps on evolving. This is another article from their ongoing series on dbt.

Dbt is here to stay, although the space is getting more crowded by the day. This is a brief intro to the marts layer for a regular dbt project.

Regarding real-time data, look to LinkedIn; they process an unimaginable amount of data each day.

Data engineering is a lot of programming, and programming is a lot of optimization; this article shares the four common optimizations you want to look out for.

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