Finish Slime #38

Data warehouses, data strategists, and modeling in snowflake

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Great Recent Stuff

If you ask a software engineer why he doesn’t build his applications on top of Snowflake, he will likely tell you… that he has no idea what Snowflake is. And there is a reason for that: you should stop building apps on top of data warehouses, seriously.

Data Strategists fill a role somewhere between Head of Data, Data Team Lead, and Consultant - always tasked with creating and overseeing the data strategy implementation. 

Snowflake ain’t just a query engine. You can create virtual columns via SQL statements and do a bunch of other things to manipulate data.

Statistics is not dull! That sentence says it all :-D

I really enjoy the author's writing for her practicality, and this is what this reading list is all about practical articles help you move forward with data as a decision-making tool.

Netflix keeps on pushing the boundaries of data engineering, particularly on top of Apache Iceberg, the open table format. This article is all about how Netflix automates end-to-end catch-up operations.

Data contracts have recently been used as a tool to help with data quality. However, as this article points out, true quality starts at the creation of data and a product feature and is hard to fix later on with a contract.

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