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Data Product Managers, Data Quality and Databricks

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Great Recent Stuff

The author of this article uses Maslow's hierarchy of needs to build up a self-service data analytics pyramid of needs. It’s a nice model to keep in mind.

Data Product Managers are becoming a thing, as Hugo argues, due to a few big changes in the data space. Take a look and see for yourself; maybe you’re also up for a career switch!

More data isn’t better; it’s just more. Once diminishing data quality hinders your data practitioners, it is time to act. Airbnb did just that; this article explains the details.

Databricks is this huge unicorn company that still baffles a lot of data engineers. Why do you need a unified platform at all? Isn’t that the point of the modern data stack to be able to choose? This article shines an excellent perspective on the benefits of a unified end-to-end platform.

The open table format Iceberg is becoming hotter and hotter. Tabular, the company founded by two of the co-creators of Apache Iceberg, has now released an online cookbook with many recipes to work with Iceberg.

Data catalogs come in all varieties. Castordoc put up a nice benchmarking, including a long list of features - of course, castordoc tops them all. The comparison table is a great way to choose your own favorite though quickly.

Data that is openly shared - open data - is still a rare sight in between. Companies love to protect their proprietary data. The State of Open Data 2023 report surveys researchers and experts in the field to understand the gist of it.Exclusive Gifts 🎁

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Finish Slime #39