Finish Slime #41

CSVlens, ELTP and the data job market

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Great Recent Stuff

The (Not So Subtle) Art of Not Giving A Fuck About Data - Sometimes, giving in less to the sirenes of data is better. This article makes the case for how to give less but care more.

Csvlens - a lovely little csv viewing tool from the CLI.

Scaling Self-Serve Analytics: The Tools Empowering 5,000 Employees - ups and downs of self-serve analytics at scale.

Lead Data Engineer Career Guide is a short guide to progress into a lead role as a data engineer.

Reflecting on 2023 (and what's in store for 2024) - The CEO of Airbyte reflects on 2023 and what will happen with Airbyte in 2024.

ELTP: Extending ELT for Modern AI and Analytics - AJ has pushed the idea of ELTP as a pattern for quite some time now. Take a look; apparently, Airbyte is picking it up.

Deciphering the 2023 Data Job Market: Do the Numbers Suggest Oversaturation or Opportunity? - more significant need for data people, especially favouring data engineers, even though the job market feels stressed.

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