Finish Slime #42

Airbnb, Marimo and polar

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Great Recent Stuff

How Airbnb Turned Itself Into A Data-Driven Company Through Business Intelligence - Airbnb is a fantastic example of a company transforming itself through business intelligence.

Marimo - a reactive notebook for Python trying to fix all the shortcomings of Jupyter.

polars’ Rgonomic Patterns - deep dive into polars’ advanced data wrangling capabilities.

What I would do differently getting into Data Engineering [in 2024] - short and sweet list, say no, care about people, use feedback, SQL, SQL, SQL.

Regarding the dbt meta tag - I just learned that my buddy Taylor added the meta key to dbt—a list of how companies use it.

Serverless Architecture Overview - a short guide to understanding serverless.

Every data transformation is technical debt - a short reminder that data traps are even worse than code when it comes to the technical debt they bring into your system.

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