Finish Slime #43

Testing, vector dbs, the ROI of data

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Great Recent Stuff

Vector Databases - A Technical Primer - A 68-page introduction to the technical of vector databases, calculating proximity, and all the good stuff.

Databases in 2023: A Year in Review is a long article reviewing everything that happened in 2023, including vector databases.

Unit testing with dbt - units tests with dbt_utils compared to dbt-unit-testing (love that package).

Testing Dbt Macros - Speaking of testing, here’s a pattern to test macros!

How to Write Great Tech Specs - a comprehensive guide on writing good specs; we all can improve, right?

Assessing the ROI of Data - quick thought on assessing what you get from your data or data you buy.

169: Data Models: From Warehouse to Business Impact with Tasso Argyros of ActionIQ - while this podcast is about ActionIQ, it is also a lot about the history of database architectures and all the challenges of handling data at scale we still all experience.

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