Finish Slime #44

Joins, data engineering in 2024, and data privacy

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Great Recent Stuff

Let's talk about joins. It's a long article with many examples about joins, all types you can imagine.

Incremental Processing using Netflix Maestro and Apache Iceberg - incremental processing is a challenging pattern; here’s how Netflix does it.

Data Engineering in 2024. What I'm Seeing. - Upskilling, CoPilots as gateways into AI, FinOps, and more.

Evolution of Global Data Privacy Laws: What to Expect & Why You Should Care - data privacy laws have a tendency to mess with data stack, so it is best to keep an eye on them.

2023 year in review - This is Martin Kleppman’s review of the year, but as a fan of him, I gotta put it out here. Kleppmann has written the single best book on data engineering, period. So take a look at what he’s up to and what he’s researching.

History of SQL - Simon Späti is writing a book on data engineering online. He just published his draft chapter on the history of SQL, detailing all the different modeling methods. 

Python Packaging, One Year Later: A Look Back at 2023 in Python Packaging - upping your Python game is the best career investment for the average data engineer, and learning how to use packages is a big part of that! This great article helps you make sense of the packaging ecosystem in Python.

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We’ve got a new exclusive gift for you! The dbt reading guide, busting myths and helping you get up to speed quickly! With 20 resources in one doc.

And of course this exclusive gift! Data Engineering Reading Guide - the best books, articles & resources you must read!

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