Finish Slime #45

MDS, Data consulting, and Snowflake

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Great Recent Stuff

Alternative data at investment management firms: From discovery to integration - big fat article on how this industry uses alt data.

Measuring data quality: bringing theory into practice - data quality as a topic ain’t going away, Mikkel shares his practical perspective comparing the data-centric vs. the data product-centric way.

The Data Consulting Club Opens! - at Arch, we just opened up a LinkedIn group for everyone who runs a data consultancy. Check out; I’m hanging out there, too.

A Guide to Transitioning from Spreadsheets to Business Intelligence Tools - if you’re trying to convince someone to start using a BI tool, try out this approach: use the CSVs as the source and simply let them play around with nice visualizations and filters inside a tool like a superset.

From Brews to Bytes: Demystifying Snowflake's Storage - want to understand how snowflake really works? Take a look at this basic explanation of micro partitions and more.

Is the "Modern Data Stack" Still a Useful Idea? - Tristan Handy, CEO of dbt Labs tries to persuade us that the modern data stack isn’t a useful idea anymore. 

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