Finish Slime #46

Building metrics, Airbyte orchestrated and unit testing for DEs

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Great Recent Stuff

Where To Build That Metric - you can build metrics literally everywhere, starting at the ingestion layer or waiting all the way until the BI system. This is a good discussion on where you want to build them generally.

DataHem odyssey - the evolution of a data platform, part 2 - Part 2 of the pretty interesting platform Robert has built with the team at MatHem. 

Integrating Airbyte with Data Orchestrators: Airflow, Dagster and Prefect - There’s still no best practice for architecting orchestrators and gluing your whole data stack together. This is Airbytes’ perspective on how to integrate the ingestion with all the rest.

Comparing Apache Superset and Mode Analytics - although features by preset, the company behind Superset, this comparison is reasonably unbiased. And I like comparisons.

Unit Testing for Data Engineers - I’m a fan of unit testing in the dat realm, but it isn’t as straightforward as in the software engineering space. This is a good intro.

Everything Ends - My Journey With the Modern Data Stack - the modern data stack and how Joe sees the concept.

Navigating the Data Engineering Landscape in 2024 - a great take on the data engineer in 2024 (with a short mention of gen AI…)

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