Finish Slime #47

Data governance, data-driven, and data stack costs.

Data Engineering, Analytics. No ML, no AI. The weekly dose of the data content you actually want to read!

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Great Recent Stuff

Enabling near real-time data analytics on the data lake - real-world use case on how Grab built out a real-time analytics infrastructure. 

Product Analytics for Platform Products - Platform products, like your BI system, are hard to measure in terms of performance. Richa discusses what you usually want to look at.

The Ultimate Guide to Unit Testing With dbt - yes you should unit test everything inside dbt, here’s a great guide.

Playbook: Data stack cost modelling - saving money and improving data culture - this is a short look into the cost and saving money on your data stack.

Becoming Data Driven, From First Principles -  good case for understanding the principles of statistical process control first, and only then applying data-driven practices like big metrics reviews (or in this case, the famous Amazon WBR.)

Data Pipeline as Code: Journey of our Blueprint - is the latest part of Jan’s series on providing a complete “as Code” data stack. Spoiler: it used meltano.

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And of course this exclusive gift! Data Engineering Reading Guide - the best books, articles & resources you must read!

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