Finish Slime #49

Data quality, bad data, and alternative data.

Data Engineering, Analytics. No ML, no AI. The weekly dose of the data content you actually want to read!

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Free Course On Analytics Product Management - by me

—because it's hard to start out leading an analytics team! I've seen that the most challenging part for analytics PMs is discovery, not really prototyping or solution finding but really digging into who the internal customers for their team really are and what they really want.

I'm working on an email course for Analytics team leads on product management. But since I'm super slow, I decided to release what I got so far for free.

Great Recent Stuff

Data quality best practices: Bridging the dev data divide - a short piece on data quality and contracts. Good for an overview.

Is the Modern Data Stack Dead? - let’s continue the “MDS is dead” debate with Tristan Handy live.

Don't Fix Bad Data, Do This Instead - advocates for multiple measures that fix the underlying issue of bad data, not just the bad data.

Serverless, free-tier data stack with dlt + dbt core. - dlt is a new Python library for data ingestion and works well together with dbt. This is a short walkthrough of a simple dlt + dbt setup.

What is Alternative Data, and Why Does it Matter? - I’m a fan of the alt data concept; check out this explanation on why it matters.

What Dagster Believes About Data Platforms - this is basically an explanation of the principles behind the design choices dagster makes; a great read!

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