Finish Slime #50

State of DuckDB, evaluating data catalogs and universal SQL in evidence.

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Great Recent Stuff

State of the Duck (DuckCon #4, Amsterdam, 2024) - not a fan, but DuckDB is hot, so it’s good to keep an eye on the current state.

Data will not tell you what to do - a short essay by Mikkel diving deeper into decision-making and how data really can have an impact.

Report: The Ultimate Guide to Evaluating a Data Catalog - data catalogs are vastly different, Atlan has a good (and slightly biased) guide to evaluating them.

Data ownership: A practical guide - defining ownership is as much about the who as it is about the how and what.

Introducing Universal SQL - Evidence, the open-source reporting like tool release a cool new feature that supports one SQL to rule them all (across data sources).

How to grow from a mid-level to senior Data Engineer - focus on growing others, effectiveness, and responsibility.

Temporian - is a Python library for working with temporal data.

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